Thursday, April 24, 2008

First Impressions

I have noticed a trend in the reactions we get when people see our house for the first time. They either love it or are appalled by it. For instance, when the assessor came to look yesterday, she was horrified enough to drop the tax value down $60,000 dollars. Apparently they have a remodeling formula they use that is pretty accurate in estimating value. She didn't think it would work in our case. Ouch.

I think their reactions are based on two factors: their ability to visualize the finished project and their experiences/feelings about old houses. For instance, those who appreciate old house charm seem to love it and brush off its flaws as "old house quirks." One of my friends told me her boyfriend's old place had the same floors in the same condition. Kevin's uncle shrugged off our electrical issues. Our parents think our freak-outs when things don't go as planned are laughable.

I tend to take house reactions pretty seriously for some reason. I think it's because I want reassurance that we aren't crazy. Some days when I wake up and go down to the front closet to find clothes, turn on the camping light we shower by, and blow dry my hair in the hall, I feel a little crazy. Then a friend or family member swoops in and recalls their wiring experience, and I feel a little better. So if you ever see our house, go easy on me. Laugh behind my back. And please, make sure when your jaw drops you have a ready excuse.

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