Sunday, July 5, 2009

Not much to report...

But it's been too long between posts, so I thought I would catch up.

We have been working pretty much every weekend (except this last one) on the siding project, and have most of the paint removed. Next weekend we will be cleaning and making repairs. I am really hoping that will only take one weekend, but knowing how this stuff goes, it will probably take two.  Then, we prime and caulk the weekend after, and finally paint.  

We are trying to think of ways to speed this process up a bit, considering at this rate, it will take four years to finish the outside of the house.  I think our problem is only being able to work on the weekends.  Evenings don't work for two reasons: one, Kevin works evenings and two, we both spend our time during the week to catch up on things we don't get done during the weekends (grocery shopping, laundry, dishes, etc.).  Also, summer weekends tend to be busier for us. 
We ended up hand-scraping the entire house because the Paintshaver really ate up the siding.  That is another reason it took so long.  Anyone out there have any ideas on how to make this job go faster?? 

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