Monday, March 23, 2009


The room is done! And now, for your enjoyment, some housey goodness....
This is the two doors, on the left, the main door, on the right the closet.
With the doors closed. This one also shows my mad skills with a miter saw. The quarter-round was not original anyway, and we make it a rule to only strip original. So we bought new. And I sawed it.This is actually our bedroom, but it is a good representation of what the woodwork looked like before.
This is the closet before...

and the closet after.
And finally, some good old before photos. The day we purchased the house:When my sister lived with us about this time last year. Betcha would have made your bed if you'd known this would be blogged, huh, Chris?After, now our TV room. The yello above is more like the actual color. It's not as yellow in real life.

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