Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spontaneous Home Remodeling Gone Awry

So right about at the time we were finishing the bedroom, okay, right before we finished the bedroom, Kevin did a bad thing.
He peeked behind the wood paneling in the kitchen. That is me demonstrating the peek. We didn't get the original peek on camera.
Which sort of spiraled into an incident that included a crowbar...
And a Sawz-all...
And lots of fifties goodness.
See that fifties goodness? That is fake tile, of course.

We took it down to bare wall. The plan is to have bead board partway up, which we are almost ready to install. The walls are slate gray. I will post when it's done. We are calling it our concept wall.

We can't afford to redo the whole kitchen right now, and for that matter, we don't really want to. So we decided to do one wall. See why this makes no sense? What a ridiculous project. Are you with me?

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