Sunday, April 5, 2009

A new development

So, the beadboard was giving us a lot of trouble, and after giving up and taking a nap, we decided to go to Home Despot to get a ladder. Why do you need a ladder to install beadboard you ask?

You don't. However, you do need a ladder to investigate the top half of your house to see if you have clapboard or shingles. Like a lot of bungalows, we have a horizontal trim board on the ridge-line of our house, which separates the siding from the...

shingles! And they are stained! The color is dark green and in good condition (at least the little peak we took). This is very exciting to us, as we both love the look of siding on the bottom half and shingles on the top. The fact that they have never been painted is also very exiting. Shingles take a lot of work to keep up if painted.

Anyway, keep the comments coming. If you have done a project like this, or even any project with your siding (painting, removing, repairing, etc) please share your experiences. If you really think this is a bad idea, let us know that too. Also, if you have cedar shingles, is there anything we should know? Thanks!

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