Thursday, April 2, 2009

More from the Spontaneous, Ridiculous Project

Here is a close-up of the fifties wallpaper. Of course I saved lots of it; it was just too...kitschy to throw away. There's even numbers on the measuring cup!

Here is the wall in all its painted glory. Colors never show up well on the computer, but it is more blue than it looks. Picture a sky right before it rains. The beadboard is going in this weekend. On a side note: see in the left-hand corner of this picture where the door frame is? That's the door to the basement. This is the thought process of our PO:

Wow, this wood paneling is going to look amazing. I should take down this old growth, beautiful trim and replace it with plastic. While I'm at it, I should put in fake wood trim on the door leading to the rest of the house, too. Now what to do with the door to the basement? What to do... I know! I can use a piece of the old door trim to top it! Beautiful!

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