Monday, January 4, 2010

An Ode to the Beast in the Basement

Your subtle warmth has graced this house
for 64 long years,
and you have served it faithfully
--though your demise will cost me no tears.

When every fall we lose the fight
and temperatures dip too low,
it is I, dear furnace, who must go below
and light your pilot light.

I face your rusty, blue-green frame
(you really have let yourself go, by the way)
and my heart begins to pound.
(Yes, I know that fearing you is really pretty lame.)

I will miss the sense of accomplishment I get
when I hear your familiar Whoosh!
(Especially when it's not followed by BANG!)
However, I must say, the damage you do to our utility bills
are something I won't soon forget.

So goodbye, dear beast, it's been real;
your replacement is on its way.
I assure you it's nothing personal....
We just got a really good deal.

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